Friday, October 31, 2008

Episode 24: Joe the Missing?


This short clip is my new favorite Youtube! At a rally in Ohio today, McCain called Joe the Plumber onto the stage, only to be greeted with… silence! JTP wasn’t there!

I guess he missed the memo…

While we’re on this [name] the [occupation] kick, allow me to take a stab at it, and call out “Joe the Metaphor.” Joe, who’s real name is Sam, was launched from obscurity to fame in a matter of minutes, after he became the running metaphor of the working American in the 2nd debate. But the larger metaphor is how Joe the Plumber perfectly encapsulates the McCain campaign message – or lack thereof.

Joe went from enjoying his 15 minutes, to hating the attention, to loving the attention, to aspiring to run for congress, to hiring a publicist, to vying for a country music record deal. The many phases of Joe, which have no meaningful connection with each other, and have nothing to do with the election, check.

Next, Joe is a foreign policy expert. He was asked in a press conference if a vote for Obama means the death of Israel, to which, he replied “I’m gonna have to go ahead and agree with that.” Even Fox News had to debunk that claim! Making spurious claims with no basis in the truth whatsoever to scare a particular demographic of voters, check.

Joe has a publicist? Talk about cashing in! That publicist is gonna stick Joe in everything from music, to TV shows, to book deals, and then drop him like its hot. Cashing in on C-List celebrity status from being thrust into the media’s eye in the 11th hour, check.

So as we can see, Joe couldn’t have been a better puppet to drag around for the last five days. He is the epitome of the lack of direction, focus, and lack of message for a campaign devoid of substance. But as with all the William Hungs of the world, it is sure fun to watch the spectacle!
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