Friday, October 10, 2008

Episode 9: This Message Will Self Destruct


A stinky pile of it hit the fan today, when John McCain had to confront the monster he has created.

Talk about a campaign spinning out of control. McCain has been forced to repudiate the anti-American, pro-terrorist attacks his campaign has spent the week injecting into their rallies. First, the fundamentals of our economy are strong and a few days later the economy is in crisis. Then he is going to suspend his campaign and postpone the debate to fix the crisis, and did nothing of the sort, taking 22 hours to leave for Washington, blowing off Letterman, and still had the debate. And now, he labels Obama as a man with questionable connections, and now has to renounce that claim at his own town hall meeting. If his campaign is a microcosm of how the next four years will be, we’re in big trouble if he somehow gets elected…
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