Monday, October 27, 2008

Episode 20: Talking Points


This post is just a few thoughts I had about some recent news. They weren’t long enough to warrant its own, so I put them all together. It may turn into a regular segment, so stay tuned.

Regarding Undecided Voters:

Who could possibly be undecided at this point? There hasn’t been such a major ideological difference between two presidential candidates for at least a couple of decades. From taxes, to jobs, to planning for the future of transportation and energy technology, Obama and McCain are nearly polar opposites. They do meet in the middle on some of the needs for the country, but still have different ideas for achieving the same goal. The general thought is undecided voters this late out wants to vote McCain, but don’t agree with his campaign tactics, Palin, or the war in Iraq. They seem to be waiting for a ground-breaking, earth-shattering, reason to solidify their vote for either candidate. I doubt this late in the game they will get it.

Regarding Palin’s $150,000 Wardrobe:

The problem is not that Palin is wearing clothes from high fashion designers. I do believe her when she says the clothes will be , returned or given to charity. The problem is that citizens donate money to the RNC for the campaign. They shell out hard earned dollars in a bad economy to support a cause the believe in. They expect that money to go towards ads, town hall meetings, flyers, bumper stickers, and things of the like, but not for the wardrobe and make up for one candidate. It is true Obama has been able to outspend McCain as much as 5:1. Thus it is in the best interest of the RNC to use their money wisely. Which brings me to…

Regarding Effective Advertising:

The McCain money problem is also routed in wasting money on attack ads that don’t work. It proves how out of touch with the country the McCain campaign is. With 24 hour news, bloggers, internet, podcasts, broadband access, fiber optics, Youtube etc, information moves at the speed of light. The American population is savvy enough to vet the information they receive, and read credible sources of information to debunk false claims. If the someone thought Obama said something out of bounds on a speech, and repeated the sound bites that seem damaging, Americans interested in discovering the truth for themselves can simply watch Youtube and hear for themselves exactly what was said and draw their own conclusions.
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4 comments: on "Episode 20: Talking Points"

Anonymous said...

The crazy spending of the RNC just shows their lack of thought and common sense before they spend a dollar. Its just more of the same. Spend whatever amount they want, for whatever they want, and then get half the morons to accept and support it because they promise them they won't take the money from them.

Joseph M. Fasciana said...

Hi L,

I too find it hard to believe that there are so many undecided, I really think they are hung up on the race issue. They find it hard to swallow voting for the black intellectually superior candidate, and if they don't, they will be handing themselves a bridge to nowhere in no uncertain terms.



phuckpolitics said...

Come on give Palin a break.

At least she didn't get a 400 dollar haircut.

She only has the Dancing With The Stars make-up person who is costing the McCain campaign a cool 20,000.

That's not much of a problem is it?

The Law said...

It's intersting, the undecided voter is still hanging around 8%, and the percentage of people uncomfortable with a Black president is also about 8%... coincidence?

And the GOP can spend all the money they want on Palin... if they want to slap a fresh coat of glossy paint, rims, and a new stereo system on a 12 yr old Ford, that's their issue haha.

I have little sympathy for their money woes... if the were running effective ads and then couldn't compete cause of money woes, then it'd be quite a different story.

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