Friday, October 17, 2008

Episode 14: OOOH Boy…


If anyone ever had any doubt the ultra-conservative population was completely irrelevant, here is a story that should seal the deal. Bob Grant, and apparently other conservative radio hosts were angry when Obama, when giving a speech in Toledo Ohio, had propped behind him US flags and… “Obama Flags!”

Said Bob Grant,

"[D]id you notice Obama is not content with just having several American flags, plain old American flags with the 50 states represented by 50 stars? He has the 'O' flag. And that's what that 'O' is. That's what that 'O' is."

Mr. Grant… that is… the OHIO STATE FLAG! Oh my wow! That has to be the most ignorant comment I have heard in a long time. The flag was adopted in 1902, when Obama was negative 59 years old!

Swing and a miss…

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1 comments: on "Episode 14: OOOH Boy…"

Anonymous said...

I had heard something about this but I thought it was just another "removed the flag from the plane" kind of nonsense. I didn't know the neocon network of radio had actually believed it.

Even the most ultra conservative bunch knows it didn't work. It was a nice try, and a lot of oil companies and defense contractors got rich out of the deal. But its over. Its time to get our economy back online, rejuvenate our name in the world, and make us prosperous once again. Its time for Obama.

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