Sunday, October 26, 2008

Episode 18: Time Warp


I had to check the calendar, pinch myself, and rub my eyes, because I was pretty sure I traveled back in time to a hi-def version on the 1950s. I urge you to spend a few moments to watch these next couple of videos in turn.

From an anthropological perspective, this election cycle is by far the most interesting election in modern history. Some of what I alluded to in EPISODE ONE has actually come to light; the ideas of change and progression are conflicting with the desperate clinging to obsolete ideals. The easiest way to ward off change is to ground oneself in the past and hold to dear life to one’s principles. If a politician’s rhetoric is based on say 1950’s America (the good ol’ days) and Christianity, what kind of attack can shake their resolve? America was a calmer time back then before people starting wanting to be treated like people, and one would be foolish to come between another’s God.

Yet there are others who realized we have exhausted the full potential of the Baby Boomer culture, and technology, interdependence, and becoming a member of the global community is the future of this country. Change can be scary and uncertain. However it is not in the best interest for America to slap on a Liberal, Leftist, Anti-American, Socialist, Communist label for anyone who wants to travel uncharted territory of our new modern world. In fact, the ultra-conservative, populist, anti-intellectual culture will usher this country back into the principles of the early 1900s. We will not be able to compete with the global market. Consider China, which has embraced a culture of intellectualism for over 6000 years, or Neo-Europeans, who have embraced cultural progressivism. And here we are with John McCain, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and the staff of Fox News embracing “Joe Six-pack.” I have nothing against Joe Six-pack, but shouldn’t we as a nation be aspiring toward greater things?

Have you once heard McCain truly address the importance of investing in higher education (which he calls a SPECIAL INTEREST)? Have you heard McCain address the importance of providing broadband access to rural communities? Sarah Palin, ignorantly mocked the importance of FRUIT FLIES for scientific research. And the republicans dare to question the judgment of Barack Obama?

“This election is a numbers game – it is a question of whether there are more of us or more of them…” someone said to me today. True words and wise words… let us hope, for the sake of all of us, there are indeed more of us come November 4th.
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