Thursday, October 9, 2008

Episode 7: Seriously AIG??


After all the trials and tribulations of passing the bailout bill – or rescue plan depending on who you ask, AIG gives the taxpayers a huge slap in the face.

It’s kind of like a parent who gives their child money to pay the rent, and the child turns around and buys a PlayStation 3. AIG chief executive Edward Liddy claims that it is standard business practice to go on retreats. However, it is not standard business practice to go on a $440,000 retreat on the tab of American taxpayers, especially given the reluctance of many to pass this bill. The government told us that there is “blood on the street” and we are amidst a “financial Armageddon,” necessitating the need for a bailout. And only a week later after Americans swallowed a very large pill, do these people go to one of the most exclusive resorts in the country to get manicures, pedicures, and a $23,000 spa treatment.

Every executive on that trip should be fired and the money should be returned. Until the economy has recovered, every company bailed should lay low, keep their tails between their legs, and atone for their dishonorable actions.

Moral of the story, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Or maybe, there is no honor among thieves?

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2 comments: on "Episode 7: Seriously AIG??"

Alex Churchill said...

If this were China, these guys would be executed...or at least severely beaten

The Law said...

lol... I'm just baffled that anyone can continue with business as usual! Barack Obama has talked a lot about sacrifice, how as one nation, we must take a hit to make a gain. Why is it the upper class is always exempt from making sacrifices? It would be such a nice gesture to say "we messed up... But the people gave us a chance to make it right." It's very disheartening.

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