Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Episode 22: Your Vote Counts!


I don’t think this is the McCain campaign's doing, more likely independent supporters, but we’re seeing the adage “if you can’t win, cheat!” take effect.

It’s a shame people have resorted to these measures. Even more important than the first amendment (and I was a communications major!) is our right to vote. I have no respect for anyone who tried to suppress voting. Win with class, or go down with dignity.

But What The McCain Camp Is Doing…

…is making up their own poll numbers! Talk about crestfallen and disillusioned! I think the bigger purpose is to keep the base excited about the election still. Having done a fair amount of sampling research, I know that the internal McCain polling has a fair share of sample bias, but you can’t blame them for trying!
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1 comments: on "Episode 22: Your Vote Counts!"

Alex said...

time honored tradition: the more you say something the more likely it is to be true at some point. Plus Mccain knows his base doesn't consist of the brightest apples so he thinks he can fool them...sadly he may be right

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