Thursday, November 20, 2008

Episode 30: Why Hilary’s A Good Choice


I needed to think this one out for a bit. I like Hilary. I was on her team before I got to know Obama. However, I wasn’t too sure of how I felt about Hilary Clinton as the Secretary of State.

I came to the conclusion that she would do a pretty good job. I have met her twice (and even was accosted by her secret service!!!) and she was my Senator. She is an outstanding politician, and very hard working. I can attest to this from experience.

But what makes her good for the job is her world status. She is incredibly popular in the international arena. Couple that with Obama’s worldwide superstar status and we’re talking about a completely different foreign policy game here… one in which the world may actually play with us this time around.

We can’t deny her sheer intelligence. What I like about the people Obama has been tossing around, is they are all very intelligent people. This shouldn’t sound strange, but after eight years of absolute incompetence, I welcome brains in our government. Clinton also has the Bill factor. I think in the end, they will all play nice. Hilary has nothing to gain by being a pain in the ass. She can EASILY become president in 2016, especially if Obama has successful terms. I think the Clintons will be invaluable resources. To have a successful president on the team can provide a certain insight no one else can.

Many people make a huge deal of the Obama vs. Clinton battle during the primaries. However, Obama and Clinton agreed 98% of the time about the issues and the solutions. The big problem came (gasp) with their view on foreign policy, when Obama said he would meet the bad guys without preconditions.

However, Obama stuck to his guns, and many, including five former secretaries of state agree with him (which should be noted, they agreed to with him after he said there needed to be preparations first). However, Hilary Clinton attacking Obama’s policy cause him to evolve over the course of the primaries and general election. Because he was challenged, he became a better politician. This is precisely why Obama wants a team of rivals. Like in the TV show House, Obama and his team debate big issues and constant debate helps to focus the lens and make informed decisions. Clinton on the team makes Obama better.

All in all, the media circus is just that – a circus. As much as I enjoy watching and reading the news, they have a horrible tendency to manufacture stories to make them interesting or controversial. How can we blame them? It boosts ratings, sells papers and magazines, and we soak it up like a sponge! I see it… the change we can believe in. Obama is creating a team of people to offer him many perspectives. Obama’s greatest strength his ability to hear many points of view and then process the ideas, and then boil it down to the decisive action. In order to do all the things he promised, he needs that challenge… he thrives from it. So I think we should sit down, shut up, and let the man work!! He hasn’t even sat in the big chair yet! But when he does, I have great confidence that he will make good on at least 90% of his promises. And I think his first 5 appointments/considerations is a clear indicator of the success that is to come.
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Joseph M. Fasciana said...

Hi L,

I must say that I agree with you about Hillary Clinton, I really was on her team too. I never did warm up to Obama because I didn't think he gave the Clinton's the respect that they have earned. I am glad that he won that is for sure, but I will be on Obama as much if not more because I now have a vote invested in him and he is the new leader of the left. I know he's going to have a tough time, but I will be more patient because of the mess Bush as has handed down to him, but at least I feel a certain level of comfort with Obama based on his intellect alone.



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