Thursday, November 13, 2008

Episode 29: Joe the Traitor?


I know… another Joe the _____ reference, but this one was so fitting, I couldn’t resist.

Joe Lieberman defected to the dark side of the force when he chose to campaign with John McCain this election speaking. To add insult to injury to all the democrats that voted him in office, he spoke at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul on John McCain’s behalf. In and of itself, speaking on behalf of a longtime friend while alienating his constituency is not a horrible thing, even though he will probably get the stink-eye at from annoyed senators, but openly campaigning against his party’s presidential candidate when promised not to do, is not good.

Still, President-Elect Obama seems to want to let bygones be bygones. And I suppose why not, Obama did win after all. However, when Lieberman questions Obama’s patriotism, questions whether he has Marxist views, and thinks he is naïve on foreign policy affairs, should Lieberman really be allowed to remain the chairman of the Homeland Security Dept.?

The answer is yes and no. Lieberman puts the Obama Administration in quite the catch 22. With Ted Stevens down by 3 (!!) votes in the Alaska Senate race, and the Georgia and Minnesota Senate races going into a recount – all three races carrying the possibility – the democrats stand a reasonably good chance of obtaining the golden 60 seats to create a filibuster proof senate. This would give Obama the green-light to enact some pretty bold (and much needed) policy with little opposition. Lieberman does vote with the democrats 90% of the time. But what is the price he pays for going against the future leader of the free world? Does he really get to trash Obama with some very ludicrous allegations and then go back to business as usual? All for the sake of having 60 senate votes?

I think Lieberman should get kicked to the curb. Here’s the deal – if you are a politician, and you vote against good policy that you would normally agree with because you have a grudge to carry out, YOU ARE A BAD AMERICAN and do not deserve a senate seat at all! Kick him out, and really engage in a spirit of bipartisanship by reaching out to moderate and even right republicans to sign on to these ideas! We NEED clean energy. We NEED a better healthcare system. We NEED fuel efficient cars. Every American can sign on to these ideas. So President-Elect Obama (I can’t wait for Jan. 20th… President Obama rolls off the tongue), as much as I applaud your Zen-like calm and affability, I think you should reconsider your stance on Lieberman. If you allow him to caucus for the Democrats, then take away his chair on Homeland Security, or something… anything! Don’t let him get off scot-free!
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5 comments: on "Episode 29: Joe the Traitor?"

The Messenger said...

I completely disagree. I think Lieberman is going with his gut. Good decisions or not- he got elected without a party which completely shows that he appeals to his voter base since people who vote along party lines CLEARLY didn't vote for him since he's not in either party. So kicking him out because he's earned his spot will be more then impossible to do. Lieberman still holds a lot of strength in the Senate no matter who he votes with or against.

The Law said...

See the problem is, Lieberman was in trouble in that 2006 election for his stance on the Iraq war. It was Obama that spoke on his behalf and helped Lieberman to win his seat as an independent. And this is how Lieberman returns the favor?

I'm not as mad about Lieberman campaigning with McCain... I'm mad that Lieberman helped to sread lies about Obama's patriotism and his connections. He went against his word not to bad mouth Obama.

Now if they wanna bring him back (which the did) then he shouldve gotten soooome kind of punishment.

In sports, a player can bad mouth the coach and the players and still play the next week, but he probably won't get the ball as often...

The Messenger said...

he did get a punishment he was removed from two of his committees. One of which was the environment subcommittee which he was chair of. So if that's not a punishment I don't know what else would be. Moving his office?

The Law said...

The messenger 1, The law 0. You have successfully talked me down. I heard about Lierman keeping the Homeland Security job, but thats the one people were making a fuss about... didn't know he lost two other chairs. It would be funny if part of his punishment was for him to relocate o the basement office next to the boiler room... lol.

The Messenger said...

I don't think they'll make him move to the basement. I think that's where all the staffers play their late night poker games so that would be more of punishment for them not him. But I hope that we can do this again some time. Maybe the next time you'll win one.

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