Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Episode 28: Re: Prop 8


A week ago today, America made history… and a historic mistake.

Three states, Arizona, Florida, and California had ballot measures that called for the banning of gay marriage. All three passed, but one state in particular – California, made major headlines because the passage of the ban repealed an existing law.

A bit of history, the law to ban gay marriage in California was brought up in 2001 and was passed on the basis that marriage is defined by union between a man and a woman. This past May, the California Supreme Court overturned this ruling, citing Perez v. Sharp – a case about interracial marriage that states "equal respect and dignity" of marriage is a "basic civil right." In this brief time between May and November, thousands of gay couples married. Now, that right has been taken away.

I tried to view this issue as objectively as I could. And I can understand why some believe it is an infringement on one’s religious beliefs to have gays marry. The question I have is why does it matter? A far right, ultra- conservative-Christian in Sacramento would never know a gay couple married in Los Angeles. A firm believer of the sanctity of marriage in Maine would never know of a lesbian couple marrying in San Diego. So why are Americans so afraid of gay marriage? I did all my schooling in New York, and I don’t recall ever talking about marriage in school, as it is a religious issue that goes against separation of church and state. I imagine, it should be the same in any public school.

Still, that’s neither here or there… I still say “mind your own business!” Talk about the sanctity of marriage… according to divorcerate.org, there is a 50/50 chance a heterosexual marriage will be successful! So why are we taking away the right to marry from people who truly love their partner? Who ask nothing else but to be recognized by the court of law and have the same rights and benefits as anyone else? Who want nothing more than a shot at love?

Yet, speaking of a shot at love, we see Tila Tequila prancing around the screen in search of the most blatantly superficial “Shot At Love” with strangers she barely knows, chock full of manufactured drama and no substance between her and her would be “lovers” whatsoever. Yet the real life counterpart is struck down in the court. America, we have no doubt come a long way in electing Barack Obama, but we still have a lot of growing up to do. And to all the fundamental Christians and social conservatives, “Love thy neighbor as you would love thyself.”

By the way, much congratulations to Stu Rasmussen on becoming the first America's transgender mayor - the mayor of Silverton Oregon. Maybe there's hope after all.
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