Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Episode 26: The Scoop - Election Ed.

Here we are folks! Election Day! I cast my vote today... please make sure you all do too! The following is a live update of Election Night:

(times in PST)

9:30pm: Obama's speech was nothing short of amazing. Yes we can. Yes we did. And yes we will.


7:35pm: Dems' picked up 4 seats in the senate with NC, VA, NM, and NH giving the dems 55. There is still a chance to get to 60 votes, especially in Alaska, but it's definitely too early to tell.

6:51:pm With numbers looking good in NC and FL, and Obama winning of NM, we're looking at Obama winning with well over 300 EVs. As it stands now, Obama is up 200-90, with CA, OR, and WA that brings Obama to 273. Many of the West Coast polls will be closing in a few moments, and then 30 minutes later, we'll start getting those polls.

6:26pm: OBAMA WINS OH! This is locked now. I do not see how McCain can pick up the 20 EVs now.

6:16pm: The Senate race is going VERY well for dems. Kay Hagan won NC... and thank goodness... Dole's "Godless" ad was the WORST attack I've ever seen by a modern candidate. Obama is creeping up in VA as the Northern VA numbers are coming in. So far, McCain is winning all the states he was supposed to win, making the battle for Virginia that much more important at this juncture.

6:03pm Obama 175-70... 95 EVs to go (Cali makes up 55 of those). so far the polling has been pretty accurate, but Louisiana is goign well for Obama...unexpected twist?

5:36pm: McCain has GA... I think Atlanta is not big enough a city to overcome the different between the traditional vote and Black vote. It was a late toss up however, so it's not a big loss... just a loss of a good get.

5:00pm: ...Wow!! 8pm EST brought som big news! McCain picked up West Virginia and Oklahoma. Obama won PA... The McCain strategy is crashed. Obama also cleaned up shop in the New England States. FL, MO, AL, NC too close to call. Should Obama pick up OH and NC, it's an issue of how many EVs he'll win by.

4:00pm: McCain draws first blood... He got Kentucky.

3:55pm: The intereting thing about living on the west coast is having the advantage of watching the whole election in normal hours! The election ends during primetime here, so I have about 7 different sits up, flipping between 3 channels, and texting friends from several different states to get the scoop. So far, Obama is looking good in Indiana. Only 2% of the electorate has voted so far, but the wind is definitely blowing in his favor.
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