Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Episode 53: 100 Days and WTF??


Yahoo! Obama has been president for 100 days! I wasn’t sure if this was a worthwhile post because the answer is quite obvious: Lefties gives him an A, moderates give him a B, reasonable conservatives give him a C, and the far right gives him an F. So all I have to say is I am happy with Obama’s progress, and I really think he will make good on his campaign for change. So whatever the hell it means, I’ll give him an A.

Now perhaps this 100 day milestone may have been a longer post, diving back into the economy, and presentation and style, and collaboration with world leaders, healthcare, and others, but in a The L Comment first, I’m making a double post!

WTF?! Arlen Spector is a democrat now? My political half is thrilled and my moral half is not. Once the Minnesota stuff is over and done, the democrats will have 60 seats, which means the healthcare, energy, and education fight becomes incredibly easier. Which is good and bad. As I have argued, the lack of true debate makes for lopsided legislation, but I strongly feel we have to get these things done now.

The circumstances under which he left are a bit fishy. He knew he didn’t stand a good chance of winning the 2010 midterm elections, so he jumped ship. I think if he firmly believes what he is doing is right, then he should be able to convince his constituency to continue following him, if for no other reason than loyalty.

But examination into why he left the party reveals a pretty damning indictment of the state of the Republican Party. The republicans has successfully rallied the base of the party, creating an even more partisan divide than what existed 5 months ago. This makes the election bid an uphill fight for a moderate republican. The irony is, the likely scenario (assuming Obama remains successful) would be a Spector would lose the primary, and the winner (Toomey) would likely lose the general election, because the republicans do not have the moderate constituency. So politically, the move makes plenty of sense. Morally, not really. Will I take him loving into my arms? Not lovingly, but I’ll take him.
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6 comments: on "Episode 53: 100 Days and WTF??"

Mark Meloy said...

The honest truth is , Mr. Spector was always a Democrat. After his vote on the stimulus package, he had zero support from Republicans, and desperately needed to change parties. Considering Pennsylvania shocked the right by voting for Obama last year, this was a well timed move.

The Law said...

Yea, the more I read about it, the more I see it was the best move for him to make politically, and really in the interest of not compromising his centrist beliefs. It would be a mistake for democrats to rely on him for a solid vote on all the issues, but at least there will be some kind real deabte on the issues in him, than the stright up NO we see from the GOP.

del patterson said...

I respect Mark's take on the issue, but history says Specter has not only been a staunch repub, but he has been a major voice for them. His defection was all about "his" politics and not the repub party. He's fighting for his poli life in Pennsylvania and knows he can't get reelected w/out the jump.

Keep an eye on Maine's Snowe, she's likely to jump this week unless the Repub give her a little more respect.

Mark Meloy said...

I will take a closer look at Snowe. Thanks for the heads up.

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