Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Episode 49: Marriage Equality For All?


Well at least for 8% of the union. Iowa, Connecticut, and Vermont have joined Massachusetts in legalizing gay marriage. Vermont, the state that invented civil unions, is also the first state to pass gay marriage through legislation as opposed to the courts. Currently, New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire have proposed bills to allow gay marriage.

I strongly believe the time is now to allow equal marriage rights. The sanctity of marriage argument doesn’t hold any water because the divorce rate is at 50% and rising in America. The argument that gay marriage encroaches religious freedom is a hypercritical one because it disallows gays from freely practice their religion notwithstanding their sexual preference. Most importantly, no one has the right to define love. Whether homosexuality is natured or nurtured is irrelevant, because if two people make a lifelong commitment to each other, they should have the full social, economic, and political freedom to express that love. America really needs to grow up and open up their minds and open up their hearts.

Quite frankly, America should redifne the marriage law for all. ALL marriages should be considered a civil union (for heterosexual and homosexual couples) so that ALL Americans benefit from the economic, polticial, social advantages a union brings, including hosptial visitation rights. Then let individual churches decided whether they are secular enough to allow the marriage ceremony. This is the fiarest way to ensure all Americans have equal treatment under the law, and for social conservatives, to some extent, protect their religious ideology.

I sincerely hope that by the next presidential election, gay marriage will no longer be an issue, because it will have been adopted by all 50 states. Please America, let us not become like these people in the commerical below...

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3 comments: on "Episode 49: Marriage Equality For All?"

del patterson said...

Gay Rights has always been a wedge issue.
History is full of characters who were gay, but more importantly they brought wonderful ideas and gifts to this world.
Shame on the pentagon for booting out thousands of soldiers,sailors, and marines who ratted out by some homophobe.

Devrim said...

I believe "Marriage = civil union = equal rights to everyone".

I am in such a civil union, I had been living with my partner for 7 years, we have 3 kids, but we never felt the need of the "state ink" on paper to confirm that we are a loving couple.

That said, we do agree with those people in the add. The schools which are funded by my taxes, should do what they were supposed to do, teach my kid ABCs and maths, not "being gay is OK". If "being gay is OK" fits into my family values, I'll teach it at home.

The Law said...

I think there is a strong argument to be made for not teaching homesexuality in school, much in the way there is a strong argument not to teach about sex in school. Thus, the extent to which schools should teach the subject really should only go as far as expsoing students of age to the idea. As in, two people of the same sex who pursue a relationship together are homosexuals. You can get STDs from having unprotected sex. Thats as far as that unit needs to go. I believe it should be the parents responsbility to impart their views on sex to their children. A moral debate on these issues is not appropriate in my opionion in a school setting.

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