Monday, April 6, 2009

Episode 48: International Man


This post is more of a thought than a commentary, but I was very happy with Obama’s performance during the G-20 summit. It is very interesting (and a testament to his oratorical ability) that his political ability translates so well around the world. Of particular interest was the town hall meeting in France. As I understood it, they don’t have town hall meetings, so it was very unusual for the people to interface with the government in such an open fashion.

I watched almost all of the speeches, and I took away from it a sense of renewed interest in participating and contributing to the global community. Our politics of the last 8 years has very much been an “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” mentality. The change of tone seemed to be very welcomed. Speaking of which, adding a touch of native tongue to many of his speeches was a nice touch that says to the world, “we get you, and we want to work with you.” Obama really is the true embodiment of the American experience, as the country, like himself, has such a diverse background. He really conveyed what makes our country so unique through his speeches. I also appreciate his message to the Middle East. We are not at war with Islam, and I think the people of the region need to hear that.

It wasn’t a flawless victory; he failed to convince the EU that a stimulus plan was the way to go. However, the trip was excellent PR for America. I believe the most important thing Obama could’ve done at the G-20 summit was set a new tone for American diplomacy and leadership. On that account, I think was immensely successful.

I think it is unwise to pass too much judgment too soon on Obama’s effectiveness during this summit. He still has somewhere between 1,384 to 2,845 days left in office. Now that the world seems more willing to work with us, or at the very least, give us another chance, I believe we will in time, see a more collaborative global atmosphere. Let us hope.
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conservative generation said...


Once again we have similar posts. I'm interested to see your thoughts on my post.

There may be some surprise, but I do not necessarily disagree with you, just much more skeptical. I do believe that the Obama reaction is more of a celebrity reaction than a political one. I have doubts that his celebrity will bring realistic changes in how other countries respond to America.

However, I do agree that it's a little too early to judge, but I would not give him a full 4 years to get results.

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