Saturday, May 23, 2009

Episode 59: Seeing is Believing


Sometimes, you have to see to believe. Eric “Mancow” Muller set out to prove to the world that waterboarding IS NOT TORTURE. He agreed to undergo waterboarding, believing that he could hold his breath and withstand 30 or more seconds of it. He lasted 7 seconds. The average detainee lasts on average for 14 seconds. I hope that ends the debate. Waterboaring is torture. We tortured. We lost our moral high ground because of it. The practice emboldens terrorist camps. It ultimately makes us UNSAFE. Muller later said if he had to endure waterbaording the way detainees do, he would "confess to anything." In my eyes, this argument is over and done. It is NOT enhanced interrogation, it is TORTURE. Since seeing is believing, what the tape, and decide for yourself.

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5 comments: on "Episode 59: Seeing is Believing"

Obama Nation said...

The United States? A "moral high ground?" We have a president who is 100% OK with abortion and voted NO three times on an Illinois bill to provide care to failed abortion babies.

"It ultimately makes us UNSAFE."
Really? Because I'm pretty sure that this technique saved tens of thousands of lives by thwarting attacks in LA and Brooklyn. But like Cheney says, release ALL of the documents; not just the ones that make the Bush Admin. look bad.

How about you put up the Daniel Pearl beheading video right under this one? Or maybe some clips from 9-11. People burned alive; people jumped; and for what? They were INNOCENT PEOPLE. The guys who were waterboarded were known terrorists. This is not torture.

The Law said...

Hello Obama Nation, and thanks for visiting!

First, abortion is an important issue, and I think to label Obama as pro-abortion is a bit of a misnomer. I think a female who is raped or involved in an incestuous relationship should not have to bear a child, dealing with the emotional and financial burdens it comes with (I think Obama would agree). Thats a debate for another day however.

The terrorist attack in Brooklyn was COMPLETELY created by the FBI. This is akin to "To Catch A Predator" where someone sets up an arrangement to lure in a child sex offender. I happened to be in NY when that stroy broke, and I thought that is great! We are attacking terrorist much liek the police attacks drug lords - set them up and shut them down when sufficent evidence is gathered. It is important to note that this WAS NOT A TERRORIST PLOT. It was a police sting.

Many CIA agents have come forth saying that no information regarding the terror attack in LA came from waterboarding. More importantly, waterboarding is torture, and there are rules against that in the Geneva Convention. If we cannot live by our own laws, it fuels the fire of terrorists who beleive we have an entitlement complex.

Why does the right bring up the Pearl video? So America doesn't negotiate with terrorists, but we should act like them? Eye for an Eye begets an endless cycle of violence.

I lived 35 miles from NYC during 9/11. I was in the labor day parade 3 days before. I saw the mushroom cloud on the way to work for several months. Friends of mine lost loved ones in the attack. So don't tell me about 9/11. Torture is Torture. It does not matter who is doing it. If an American solider was captured, and Al-Qeida tortured him until him info on the next US Strike, we'd release all our firepower on him until we got him back right? Why is it different for them? Violence begets violence.

Carl Wicklander said...

Good afternoon, Law. I followed you from the Left Coast Rebel.

That's a pretty damning video as far as "waterboarding isn't torture" is concerned.

I am a Republican and a conservative, who does believe waterboarding is torture and who has grown exceedingly tired of people on this side bringing up Danny Pearl's execution as a defense for waterboarding. I feel compelled to point out that bad behavior is not justified by pointing to someone else's bad behavior. If you got caught cheating on your taxes, would you point at your neighbor and call him out for beating his child? Cheating on your taxes is a crime whether your neighbor is abusive or not. It's a morally shallow argument to make that is simply shameful.

The Law said...

Hello Carl, and thanks for joining the debate!

I agree with you 100% The question of torture is being redirected to "does it work?" I feel that's an irrelevant question because the law is the law.

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