Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Episode 56: Miss Superficiality


I think beauty pageants are really stupid. It’s a slap in the face to every woman who has been fighting for progress, every woman who has been paid less for equal work, and every woman who works hard to get an education and start a career. I’m not going to stereotype all these women and assume that they are all airheads, but I will say that that have a direct and very negative impact on all women. You have the modern woman who busts her ass to break stereotypes. They did the hard work, dealt with sexism in the office, juggle a career, marriage, and kids, and somehow find a way to make it work. Miss America wins because she has a slammin’ body (let’s be real, the victory is 98% by who has the best looking swimsuit) and bypasses all that hard work by showing a lot of leg and hair flicking her boss. I’d be happy to see beauty pageants fizzle and disappear. However between Miss South Carolina and now Miss California, they are media hot topics for a few weeks, so I guess they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Speaking of which, this Miss California controversy is ridiculous. After watching her speech, does anyone really think she has formed her own opinion on the topic? Even if it is, her belief reflects the belief of the majority of Americans anyway. And she had the balls to not be PC on the big stage. This controversy was cooked up by Perez Hilton, an irrelevant social commentator like myself! If he was trying to start a dialogue about gay marriage, or advance the cause through the pageant, he sure as hell picked the wrong battlefield. I wonder if The L Comment will ever cause such a stir!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an old stick in the mud. I just think this conservation about a contest that means absolutely nothing is very silly. To watch MSNBC anchors getting fired up over it is sillier. So congrats Miss California, you are the winner. For whatever it is worth, there was no reason why your crown should’ve been under contention in the first place.
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7 comments: on "Episode 56: Miss Superficiality"

Devrim said...

tL, as long as there is a demand for "beauty" (modeling agencies, Hollywood, ads), beauty pageants aren't going anywhere.

The demand was going down actually, what was the last time a beauty pageant televised on a major network ?

Knowing Donald Trump is the financial beneficiary out of this whole Ms. CA-Perez Hilton debacle I wouldn't be surprised to find out that whole thing was staged. Who on earth would appoint a gay man to judge a woman's beauty/sexual appeal anyways ?

Anonymous said...

I love your website, seriously. I read it daily via my Greader

The Law said...

flowers, thanks so much for your kind words, and thanks for visiting!

Dev, you bring up a sad truth LOL. Wouldn't be surprised to hear it was all a hoax haha

Grog said...

loved Trump's response though "the only reason you all care what she said is because she is so hot"

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