Thursday, January 29, 2009

Episode 36: Business as Usual: A Message to Politicians


A week and a few days into the new Obama administration and we’re already back to old school politics. The change we can believe in I suppose is the tone of political discourse, as it is less combative than we’ve grown accustomed in recent years. But when the GOP organize to defeat a bill our country desperately needs, the democrats lose sight of the big picture, and big business still giving out billions of dollars in bonuses and corporate jets, all I see is the same crap we dealt with for the last eight years. Perhaps it is naïve of me to expect change in only one week. Perhaps Obama’s magnanimity hasn’t rubbed off on the republicans just yet. All I know is Americans are really suffering out there every day this immature bickering continues.

And the democrats are not free and clear here. I believe in progressive causes. I believe the government has a responsibility to create programs for the betterment of the people if they choose to participate, such as healthcare, and sex education measures. But my fellow democrats, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO PUSH DEMOCRATIC AGENDA! In the last post I discussed how we should eliminate unnecessary spending, and fortunately Obama read my blog, and struck down the contraceptives part of the bill (j/k). I urge democrats to take it a step further – ONLY spend the recovery money on infrastructure, and the framework for green jobs, healthcare, and education. And nothing more. And 75% of the $819 billion should go towards shovel ready jobs. The middle class is always left out of the party… let’s get them back to work and get them the tax cuts they need to start getting back on track here. Let us save the good fight for another day.

And republicans, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I have never seen such a display of immaturity and incompetence. Tax cuts will not work. The very first thing people will do with a stimulus check is pay off bills or save it. That money will not go towards renovating a bedroom, or going to the movies, or fine wining and dining. You’re asking Americans to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when we have no boots! I beg you to just step outside in the real world and look at what’s really going on out there. Government is not the answer, but it is the best way to help its people.

And to corporate America, just stop. Stop spitting in our faces while sitting on the throne of entitlement. Stop spending money no one has to give to buy planes and go on vacations. Have a little decency for the common man. Just… stop.
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3 comments: on "Episode 36: Business as Usual: A Message to Politicians"

mberenis said...
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The Law said...

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conservative generation said...

You should read my note on why the stimulus won't work. I only have a little time, so this will be unfortunately brief. Actually, paying off bills is stimulative, you are right that saving is not. Republicans should have been allowed to read the final bill before voting (actually Democrats should also have had time to read the bill). Even Obama was surprised with harsher bonus restrictions thrown in by Barney Frank. Whose brain child is this- Obama's? Or congress? I guess it was so urgent that congress didn't have time to read the bill, but Obama took three extra days to sign it.

Finally, not all companies are evil. Yes, there are certainly some that are not our friends. However, there are people that work at these resorts and people that work to make private jets. Without them, these people would not have a job. You may have an argument that the rich hoard their money, but spending it is good for everyone. In fact, spending the bailout money on a resort may proved more stimulative than Obama's bill.

Congress had no problem going to a resort on the tax payer's dollar to think about pushing the stimulus bill. I think there is little difference in corporate management and politicians when it comes to living a life of entitlement.

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