Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Episode 34: End of an Error


It is ironic that the last day of the Bush Error as Keith Olbermann puts it, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today, we celebrate the life, work, and mission of a man – a visionary – who dedicated his life towards the fight for equality for Black Americans – for all Americans. On the same day, arguably the most divisive president in this nation’s history is spending his last night in the White House.

The list of failures is long: 9/11 intelligence gaps, lack of WMDs, Guantanamo, Katrina, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, (all the other “stans”), torture, the economy, his destructive environmental policies, his failure to catch Bin Laden, our lost standing in the world, failed educational initiatives, horrible oratory skills, Freudian slips galore… I could go on and on and on. By the way, he also used our Constitution has toilet paper. And in his series of exit interviews, he is unwilling or unable to acknowledge, or scarily unaware of the numerous failures of his administration.

It is a damn shame, because he had the nation and the world at his fingertips. He talks about “political capital,” and he had it in spades. On September 12th 2001, America had in unison looked to our leader, and in one loud voice asked, no pleaded, “what do we do now?” We’re gonna get ‘em he replied. We trusted him to kill those responsible for attacking us. He had at that point a 91% approval rating. And Mr. Bush’s legacy took a tragic spiral from the very moment he declared “mission accomplished” and crashed and burned the moment we set foot in Iraq. Katrina, Guantanamo, and everything else was only digging his political grave deeper. He now leaves us, with his final approval rating at 22%, the lowest of any president. Yes, even Herbert Hoover. And Nixon. And James K. Polk.

However, there is one thing I’ll give Bush. I really do, believe that George Bush believed that he thought everything thing he did was in the best interest for the country. Unless he is an undercover agent for Iran, there is no way he could not make the decisions he made without thinking he was doing the right thing. I just think he has the absolute worst judgment and complete lack of vision, and utter disregard for the consequences of his decisions of any leader in American history.

Goodbye Mr. President. Thanks for damn near pushing our country and the world to the brink of collapse.

So here’s to the end of your administration. Without further ado, the “Best of Bush” captured through the years courtesy of Youtube.

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