Friday, October 23, 2009

Episode 80: Politics Is Depressing =(

May God bless the souls of all those who have the strength, courage, and fortitude to make daily, more many days a weekly blog entries, newspaper, and magazine articles about politics. There was a time when talking about politics was kinda fun wasn’t it? The topic du jour would be something like health care reform, or clean air, or green tech. We used to debate about our ideological differences. If there is one thing about this blog that makes me proud, every single person (we... almost everyone) came to the debate with great ideas and expressed them in intelligent ways that got a really good dialogue going.

Part of what made these debates great was the having fresh topics to talk about. Topics that really get the brain juices a-flowing. When I read the paper or watch the news, nothing is really interesting. It is the same ol’ same ol’. Mission failed Mr. President. It’s not entirely your fault Mr. President. I mean, your own teammates on the left side of the aisle showed so much promise during the election. The way you united the democratic party is a feat that has never been accomplished in politics. Let’s face it, democrats are notorious for lacking a single cohesive message. However Mr. President, even your magnanimity isn’t enough to prevent the levies of democratic hodgepodgery™ (copyright TheLaw©2009) from breaking. And by the way, F Olympia Snow. Seriously. Her stance is basically “if you take this perfectly democratic bill, strip it of all its merit and benefits so it is basically a republican bill (lacking substance and almost completely ineffective), I will put my tentative signature on it that MAY change later.”

And the republicans? That party is a complete joke. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a third time, a complete joke. Did you hear about the Minnesota senator who proposed that there be an amendment to a government contract to give women the right to sue if they have been raped? The victim in question was gang raped ladies and gentlemen. What should be an obvious no-brainer was met by opposition from… ding ding ding! the republicans! They’re a joke. Did you hear about the crowd of people who cheered because the United States was rejected from getting the 2016 games? They talk about patriotism, and then sneer at the most public display of national pride! A joke! Did you hear about Rush Limbaugh who is a closet racist who wanted to buy an NFL team in which 70% of its players black? LMAO. And this is news from the past month! The list is too long.

Politics is too depressing, especially during football season. Football makes me happy. I don’t feel like being sad and depressed anymore when thinking of the future of this nation, so I think for the time being I'll take the "ignorance is bliss route, and listen to ESPN radio lol. There is nothing to talk about anymore. All you get from republicans is “Obama sucks.” All you get from democrats is “republicans suck.” No matter how many stats and number people throw out there, we’re no longer having useful conversations about politics, because it’s not happening in the media, and most importantly in Washington. I suppose this is why most Americans don’t even bother trying to get this stuff. Maybe when our elected officials decide to act like grownups again, politics would be fun to talk about again?
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8 comments: on "Episode 80: Politics Is Depressing =("

TRUTH 101 said...

you evolution is complete TL. What happens to all of us after a while is we lose our faith that people will come and debate and discuss civily and rationally.

In try my best when I visit other sites to conduct myself in a way that I will be welcomed back. But eventually we all come tho the realization that, as you said, "Republicans are a joke."

You newly copywrited phrase "Democratic hodgepdgery" is also a fitting description of the Democratic Party as a whole.

While nobody enjoys a good "republican bashing" more than I, it's almost kind of sad when, as we all go through, we lose our optimism as to what our blogs could be and realize no matter what we say and how much proof we offer, the other side will still call us socialists or something.

It's a reflection on our society as well TL. We demand above all else, entertainment. Who wants to listen to a reasoned policy debate when Michelle Bachman might say something stupid we an laugh at. Who wants to listen to Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch when we can listen to Bill Maher and Ann Coulter. One of them might say a naughty word. Ooohhh!

Welcome to the club my friend. I'm lookin forward to the next installment of TL Comment Radio Show.

conservative generation said...

"magnanimity isn’t enough to prevent the levies of democratic hodgepodgery" Now that is worthy of copyrighting.

"Politics is too depressing, especially during football season. Football makes me happy."

Are you sure, because your team just lost to the Bills :)

The Law said...

lol C Gen, even when the Jets lose, there is better debate in the sports world!! Should they have pulled Sanchez or let him work through is on messes. Did losing Jenkins kill our season? (IMO, no, and no!) The politics version of a sports debate is:

"you know, I'm happy they kept Sanchez on the field despite throwing 5 INTs. He's young and getting baptized by fire in the NFL and experiecnes like this give him great game tape to review and practice!"

"oh yea, well the Jet's are a bunch of tree hugging, liberal, socialist idiots who are destroying the NFL! Gang Green? what's up with that? The least they can do is not make their opinions so obvious!"

Besides, the Jets will 5-3 going into the bye... i thought they would be 3-5 prior to the season =)

@truth, the club eh? reminds me of when my girl dumped me and I got an all expenses paid vacation at the "broken hearts club." I'm trying to keep my faith up, but it's reeeeally hard these days.

CJ said...

There are probably more interesting rightwing thinkers. The stuff for mass consumption, IMHO, is aimed at making losers feel good about themselves by blowing a dog whistle belittling other people.

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Michael said...


When I get back form Deployment we can ahve another phone debate. Or better than that... in person? When I get back we need to get together and grab a bite to eat and catch up.

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