Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Episode 79/Episode 2: Obama’s Peace Prize

Before I begin, I have a new format. For now on, when a post has a corresponding L Comment radio show topic, there will be two episodes posted. That way, when you leave comments, I will respond to them on the radio show! I’m figuring out how to do a live broadcast, but that’s still some time away, so this will have to do!

Now, moving on to the story, I will begin by saying, congratulations Mr. President! Look, the Nobel Peace Prize is not just an achievement award. It is also a political tool to promote peaceful agenda. Obama is the leader of the free world. No matter what our shortcomings are as a nation, we are the ones the world looks to first for answers. We have a president who is willing to listen to all sides of the argument, no matter who is delivering it. That kind of mentality goes a long way towards breaking down years of mistrust. We’re already seeing better cooperation in Russia and China.

Name calling is a bit out of my character, but I have to say, the Republican Party is a joke. Why is every single thing in this political landscape about scoring political points? The right wing in this party is so far out of touch with the way the world works it’s incredible. Forget Rush Limbaugh, as far as I’m concerned, if Obama ended world hunger, he’d spin it as a leftist big government controlling the food supply. I’m talking about the Boehners and the Steeles of the party who fail to recognize the challenge the Nobel committee bestowed upon the country. In fact, the republican game ball goes to John McCain when he said "we're proud when our President receives an award of that prestigious category… but I think part of their decision making was expectations, and I’m sure the President understands that he now has even more to live up to.”

Way to go McCain. That’s really being a maverick. A damn shame, when being a maverick means doing the right thing. Of course the right wingers will say “well John McCain isn’t a real republican… he sold out.”

This peace prize in my eyes is the world asking America to step in and take charge of the global peace initiative. What better icon than arguably the most popular man in the world to lead the charge. Can we for once, as Obama said in his inauguration, set aside childish things, and come together as one nation and help our president lead the way to a safer America and safer world? Or would you rather bicker and argue until it’s too late to get things done?

Agree with me? Think I’m full of crap? Leave your comments below, and they will be addressed on tomorrow’s show.
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9 comments: on "Episode 79/Episode 2: Obama’s Peace Prize"

CJ said...

This is a double whammy b/c some rightwingers think peace is a sign of weakness.

We’re living in a time when nationality and borders are becoming less important b/c of globalization. Globalization is driven by technology and would be difficult (maybe impossible) to undo by government policy. Government policy has to be managed very carefully to deal with the pains of adjusting to this new reality.

It’s great that our president got this encouragement and challenge.

profumo ai feromoni said...

I just went Obama?? (I am in favour of him) I do agree that it is positive with a focus on political tool to promote peaceful agenda but I think that it was way to early to give him the price.

Linsey said...

I do think it's a bit odd that Obama was nominated in February, after just a month on the job. However, it was obvious during the campaign season that he truly would work towards establishing world peace by repairing the bridges of U.S. foreign policy. Although his work has barely begun, it's clear that it is a priority of his, and it is working. Perhaps the Nobel committee saw his speech in Berlin during the election season and recognized his committment to one world. Regardless Obama deserves praise as any American would for winning such a prestigeous award and furthering the good name of the United States.

The Law said...

couldn't agree with you more Linsey. The world wants America to step up and help further the cause for peace, and Obama will rise to the challenge. It's pathetic, that some Americans can't recognize the significance of that gesture...

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