Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Episode 38: The Media Firing Squad


This weekend, Senator Roland Burris of Illinois faced the media firing squad this past weekend during a combative press conference regarding Burris’ selection to the Senate by the ousted Rod Blagojevich. Upon Burris’ promotion to the Senate, he was asked multiple if he had any connections to the “pay to play” scandal, to which he replied no. He has recently released two affidavits that contradict his claim and the media wanted answers.

I happened to be flipping channels and I caught the beginning of the press conference on CNN. And I watched it until CNN cut it off for a different story. I must say, as a human, I feel bad for Burris. Watching him was like a scene in a movie where a guy gets shot, but still keeps on fighting, but as he takes more bullets to his body, he slowly drops to the ground and dies. And I think that’s what’s going to happen as his career in the Senate.

My take on it – I think he is innocent of the pay to play, and very guilty of perjury. Senator Burris hid the fact that he had contact with Blagojevich’s people, including his brother, because he would have had a hell of a time explaining that to the Senate Committee, even if he did nothing wrong. Withholding that kind of info after all the media hoopla seems a bit too convenient to be a lapse in memory. Burris should do the right thing for himself, and his state, and resign. If the attorney general doesn’t get him first, the people will in 2010. With the republicans refusing to budge for the sake of standing up to their ideals at their constituency’s expense, we need as many viable democrats in congress as possible.

Another note, one would have to be absolutely foolish to take an appointment from a governor who on the verge of facing jail time for “pay to play” politics. From the moment the Blagojevich story dropped, every single state congressmen, law enforcement people, and member of the media was gunning for him. Was it really worth risking his political career by accepting a tainted nomination? Apparently so…
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1 comments: on "Episode 38: The Media Firing Squad"

Joseph M. Fasciana said...


I guess the guy at a the age of 70 something figured he didn't have much else going for him and if this didn't work he gets an early retirement, but the ones shouting the loudest are probably just as crooked. I don't mean to say that about the IL attorney general L. M. but look at who her father was. See what I mean. But I think you are quite right and his goose is cooked.



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